Legal Ways to Remove a Judgment From Credit Report

A credit report with a judgment is just like a sweet dish with a bitter gourd. In the current era, majority of people are not self-reliant and they need finances to live a live which can fulfill their family needs. A person’s goodwill in terms of finance is judged by his credit score that actually means that how much a lender can rely on him for the reimbursement of money paid. Credit score acts as an evaluator that helps financial institutions to set on limit on a credit in order to make certain that the person is going to pay back the money in the near future.

Despite of earnest efforts, people sometimes fail to pay back the debt and therefore they are reported to credit bureaus. This results in credit report judgment that means that no one will be helping you manage your finances anymore. People have no right to blame a person who is itself caught into it – no one really wants to get involved in all this mess. Also future is uncertain and anything can happen with anyone.

There are certain legal ways to remove a judgment from a credit score report. First of all, you need to do some research and homework before actually getting started. This will require you to find a reliable and reputable law firm to take your case and help you removing a judgment off your credit report. Almost every law firm specializing in credit repair have set patterns which they follow to help clients in order to remove a judgment from credit report. Do not forget to sign an agreement in the beginning that will aid you a lot while stepping forward with your credit repair case.

With the purpose of removing a judgment from your credit score report, you need to check the “the Statute of Limitations on a Judgment” laws in your state. You can get these details from the law firm or just visit state website where all legal details pertaining to different cases are usually available. All you need is to check if the debt on your credit report has exceeded the number of days mentioned in your state law books for SOL. Your second step should be to write a letter to all three credit bureaus (Experian, Transition & Equifax) requesting them to delete a judgment from the credit report since it is lawfully applicable but is not against the Statute of Limitations as per the law.